Heartland Lets Physicians Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork

Working closely with physician partners who as majority stakeholders maintain clinical and financial control of their own business.

Heartland manages the entire OBL, ASC or hybrid facility development process, including feasibility study design and review, organizational framework and planning, financial deal structure recommendations, site acquisition and construction, capital equipment purchasing and consumables supply, hiring and training key personnel, billing strategies and support, and navigating insurance and regulatory compliance requirements. Upon opening, Heartland continues to manage the back office, administration and management of each center, allowing physicians to focus on providing quality patient care.

We are absolutely committed to your independence and success

  • Opening an outpatient lab enables physicians to capture a completely new revenue stream for financial independence
  • Physicians enjoy independence while providing quality care
  • Physicians maintain complete clinical control to ensure optimum outcomes
  • Fiduciary responsibility to our partners to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and maximize case volumes
  • Creative deal structures to support your vision at any stage: ASC & cardiovascular, OBL, De Novo or hospitals interested in expanding through an outpatient model
  • Team of experts to ensure success: center management, development, construction, payor contracting, supply chain, case costing, revenue cycle management, infection control and physician recruitment
  • Powerful business analytics and reporting tools to optimize financial and clinical success

We provide unmatched experience to design, develop, and manage your lab

  • HHV is the nation's largest, most experienced company offering comprehensive design, development, and management solutions for physician-owned H&V OBLs/ASCs
  • 55 H&V OBLs/ASCs
  • SCA brings long history of rock-solid performance and demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality care and sustainability – partnership comes with a deep bench of resources

We know that success in your lab must be sustained

  • Only solution that has vertical integration with a top national payor (UnitedHealth Group), and national access to commercial payors
  • Only solution that has horizontal integration with primary care providers (over 50,000 and growing in the Optum Network)
  • Only solution that can bring value to both technical and professional fee schedules
  • Unparalleled analytic capabilities:
    • Custom H&V center dashboards and reports including benchmarking, operational efficiency reporting, physician and staff utilization, regulatory compliance and case optimization
    • Market assessment BI (covering >60% of all covered lives in the US)
  • Strong capital resourcing options available
  • Unparalleled state & federal legal/regulatory support
  • Unparalleled H&V payment advocacy support, with established legislative relationships at state and federal levels
  • Unique partnerships with capital equipment/diagnostic/supply companies

We understand that every practice has unique goals and objectives

  • HHV offers unmatched value to our clients/partners
  • Unique flexibility in how we engage/partner with practices (transactional/contractual/equity)
  • Unique partnership solutions for OBL, ASC, and practice
  • Creative equity structures that preserve and protect physician control
  • Ability to increase quality of life and improve financial gains with same amount of effort.
  • Regular and predictable office hours and caseloads, Monday through Friday

Outpatient labs work for both physicians and patients

  • New technologies offer innovative solutions in smaller packages and footprints, making it easier and cost-effective to treat increasingly complex cases on an outpatient basis
  • Cost savings from reduced overhead rates, no overnight stays, increased flexibility and productivity by owning the full process, and eliminating inherent inefficiencies related to inpatient procedures
  • The outpatient model enables physicians to improve work efficiency and quality by removing many of the variables hampering hospital schedules, such as case turnover, wait times, unavailability of rooms, unexpected delays and more
  • Unique opportunity to take advantage of latest trends in patient care with ever-changing healthcare markets
  • Bulk-rate capital purchasing and supply relationships improve economies of scale
  • Environment with smaller and consistent staff vastly improves team communication – improving patient experience and outcomes

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